Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Using Only Your Body Weight

If you are pressed for time, try these 3 weight loss exercises you can do anywhere – using only your body weight! These exercises can be done anywhere and are just as effective as those that want exercise equipment.

You do not even need a gym membership to perform these exercises, and they are so convenient that you can even do them on your lunch break!

These exercises will challenge your core and back muscles while building flexibility and balance. As you progress downwards, you will experience a strengthening sensation in your legs.

You will be surprised how much a difference these workouts make! And don’t forget to warm up your lower body before you start! And once you are warmed up, move on to these core stabilizing exercises.

These exercises are great for people on the go. If you’re not near a gym or exercise equipment, you can still make them more challenging. For example, you can bring your hands closer together for push-ups so that you can feel more resistance.

Just remember to take breaks between exercises and always stretch first, and it will give your muscles much-needed rest. Once you get the hang of these 3 Exercises, you’ll be in great shape in no time.

Your range of motion is increased in this exercise by utilizing your body weight. You have the flexibility to do it in various locations such as home, the park, or work. There are even some bodyweight exercises you can do on the bus or train.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, these exercises can help you improve your overall fitness. The best part is that they won’t cost you a dime. You have the freedom to perform them whenever you desire, wherever you are.

3 Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Using Only Your Body Weight

Pistol Squat

Woman doing pistol squat

The pistol squat requires a lot of coordination and balance. Switching legs during the exercise is beneficial for strengthening both your hips and shoulders.

If you cannot do this exercise, try a lighter weight. This workout focuses on your core and effectively improves your entire body, particularly strengthening your thighs, shoulders, and back.

There are countless ways to exercise your body with only your body weight. Jogging and cycling are the most popular exercises you can do anywhere. You can also do these at your desk, home, or gym.

You can even do them on a mat. Make sure to do it correctly, otherwise you might get hurt. You can do many different types of workouts using only your body weight.


Performing a bodyweight exercise is a great method to achieve an effective workout. Planks are great for developing core muscles and strengthening your midsection. They also help reduce lower back pain and spine stress.

The added core strength enhances flexibility and balance. They are great for strengthening your hamstrings. You can also do them anywhere you can get a mat. Just make sure that you have enough space to perform them.

The plank is the most popular bodyweight exercise. It’s an excellent way to tone your core muscles. You can also do it anywhere you can find a bench or yoga block.

You can use a yoga mat or a court to stand on and do this exercise. Step out with your left leg, keeping your knees under your hips, and repeat. Your leg will become so strong that you can do it without any equipment.

Stairway Exercise

Female athlete running on stairways

If you’re worried about back pain, try the stairway exercise. You will feel it’s one of the best full-body exercises you can do anywhere. Depending on your body’s shape, you can even do a stairway exercise while you’re sitting on the floor.

You can start by lying down and extending your arms. During this exercise, make small, upward kicks with your legs. As you continue, you’ll be working your glutes and other muscle groups.

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